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Important announcement about Massively's forums

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MVBree a
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Effective October 1st, Massively will no longer be supporting forums on Enjin. They will shut down on October 15th to give everyone time to record posts and images for posterity.

These forums were originally an experiment to determine whether Massively ought to include integrated forums like some other big MMO sites. But a few months ago, we were treated to a new commenting system more suited for a blog layout, so built-in forums are no longer on the table.

More importantly, staff time spent moderating and updating Enjin means staff time away from the core of our site: articles and comments. We would prefer to spend more time writing and engaging our readership directly on the site, rather than on a supplementary site that's too easily forgotten. I know we have a small crew of folks who hang out here, and for you, I am especially sorry. But I suspect you will agree that Enjin has been a tad neglected and hasn't been a tremendous asset to Massively when we can't afford to pay it the attention it and you deserve.

Those of you who used Enjin to ask general questions about the industry and the site are still welcome to contact us through our tip box; we'll be reading and answering in Ask Massively and on the podcast as always. We're also keeping our Steam group, so if you're looking to hang out with other Massively readers, the Massively Mob is for you. Finally, any future contests we do will continue to be hosted here on Enjin.

Thanks for your understanding!

Posted Sep 30, 12 · OP
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But your comment section is nothing special at all :(
This forum is great, I can't believe you think that a standard comment section works better than a forum.

I am going to really miss this place.
Posted Oct 3, 12
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I understand the situation. I do like these forums at times, but only so I can find out where Massively readers (or writers) may go for new games. I know there aren't a lot of Massively guilds, but this was the one tool that could help with that.
Posted Oct 11, 12
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